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Are you passionate about teaching? Exploring for a platform to share knowledge, want to connect with professionals and processor in your careers?

You are at the right place.

Who can teach ?

very passionate about teaching and with good oral communication and with presentation skills, should have deep knowledge on a particular domain to able to teach in conqrity.

Why become Instructor at Conqrity ?

Apart from working with a very passionate and professional skilled team, you will also get revenue sharing opportunity at fastest growing online trading company in India. Knowledge hidden inside you is just as useless if you not sharing your knowledge. So here you will be given with ample of the platform to showcase your technical as well as practical knowledge and skills that you have acquired over a time you can be Instructor from any part of the world!

How do I start?

Fill the Register form on this page and our team will get back to you with the details of next steps. Once shortlisted for the training programs our team will guide you about conqrity training and delivery methodology to make teaching a wonderful experience.